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Knowledge, listening, thinking and proposing: we offer an all-encompassing service to our customers.

The Sales & Marketing department is the driving force behind Darwin WCDI Group and active link between fruit growers and our in-house team. Its task is to collect, transfer, implement and put in play whatever is necessary to modern fruit growers to tangibly mechanise harvesting systems all around the world. “Living” the daily reality in the field together with our fruit grower partners and creating a constant link with Darwin WCDI Group team allows Tecnofruit to be the most evolved and most preferred harvesting system. We change and evolve together with our clients.


Stefan has built his successful professional career based on four actions: knowing, listening, thinking and proposing.

  • Knowing our partners is at the base of everything because it allows us to understand their true working conditions to provide concrete solutions.
  • Listening means understanding the needs our partners have, and engaging with them.
  • Thinking is the stage during which we take into consideration all what we gathered during the first two steps in order to work out solutions.
  • Proposing means offering a customized consultancy in which consider technical aspects, field condition, specific needs, financial aspects, logistics solution, customs issues and after-sales.

All this permits us to always offer an integrated solution that includes all the necessary information for an all-around analysis.

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