“Tecnofruit” was founded back in 2003. We had a spark of intuition that fruit farms did not need just a simple machine, but an integrated harvesting system.

That intuition turned out to be correct. Today Tecnofruit is a point of reference when it comes to harvesting, ready to support partners in the field with real, flexible and financially sustainable solutions.

Our work to improve and evolve the initial project has in fact been assisted, and integrated, by the direct experience of our customers who have chosen Tecnofruit as the definitive solution for managing the harvesting process, guaranteeing mutual growth.

In order to continue on a virtuous path of real and effective innovations, we work with a process that goes through three stages:

  • We define the needs for improvement and innovation.

The Darwin Team uses its experience, training and partner feedback to definitively lay out the needs for improvement and innovation, and thus the results that will be pursued.

  • We design and implement truly field-applicable and sustainable solutions.

Our R&D and design teams, along with our mechanics and marketing group will design solutions that are truly field applicable and sustainable.

  • We field test solutions with our partners.

We can say with satisfaction that we have achieved excellence in integrated harvesting systems thanks to our 20 years of experience in the field alongside more than 1,000 fruit growers in over 30 different countries.

Together with our International partners we observe the correspondence of our solutions in the various field situations, in different climates, and we treasure the direct experience of those who have chosen Tecnofruit as their solution for managing the harvesting process.

CF 105

Compact machine for plants with 3.00 to 3.90 m inter-row and maximum height of 3.60 m of the plant. The rich standard equipment and a complete range of….


Tecnofruit CF 105 Levelling is placed alongside the CF 105 to meet the needs of fruit farmers operating in hilly areas. Tecnofruit CF 105 Levelling is equipped with a….

CF 110

Machine suitable to manage plants with 3.60 to 4.50 m inter-row and maximum height of 4.00 m. Designed to be multi-purpose, it has a rich standard equipment….


The automatic trailer completes the TECNOFRUIT harvesting “system”: 5 hydraulic function; empty bins feed at the top of the trailer by means of chains….
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